Michigan Proficiency ECPE

At UNION Education we are the Michigan Proficiency ECPE specialists. We feature experienced native speakers of the English language who have helped hundreds and hundreds of students receive their Michigan Proficiency ECPE certificates.

If you're looking to certify your knowledge of English at the Michigan Proficiency  level, you'll be hard pressed to find a more successful environment than what UNION Education offers.

What's more, we have developed a course featuring original materials to help our students succeed in the minimum amount of time. Our one year intensive course takes students from the First Certificate level to the Michigan Proficiency ECPE level with amazing success rates. (over 80%)

If you are looking to get your ECPE certificate and you are in Thessaloniki, Greece, you really should come and talk to us.

To go to our site dedicated to helping students succeed on their Michigan Proficiency ECPE exams, click on the preceding link.



Contact our offices in Thessaloniki for class registration and additional information concerning our languages courses.        

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