Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a legitimate offer? How do I really know that I can get a refund if your product isn’t everything you claim it is?

I can understand concerns about legitimacy when dealing with products on the internet. Let's face it, buying products over the internet without the benefit of being able to check them out or look them over first can be a bit of a risk. That's exactly why I've included
the 30-day, risk-free trial. The fact is, you can download, read, learn, apply and benefit from everything contained in Writing Proficiently for one whole month, and if you're not completely satisfied, I'll return the purchase price.

In a real sense, I've done everything I can do to eliminate your risk.

Just like shopping anywhere, the internet has good and bad places to do business. Some places make you feel warm and welcome and other places actually make you feel very unwelcome, almost as if you are an intruder into their private little club. Yes, just as shopping and buying things offline can go wrong, there are times when online purchases are not all that they were claimed to be.

Be assured that you have multiple levels of protection when buying this product.

1) I've helped hundreds and hundreds of people like you succeed on their English language exams. Some of them share their thoughts and experiences with me about Writing Proficiently on our websites and sales page. So your first confidence is our extensive experience and expertise.

2) If you request a refund, it's in my interest to return your money quickly and without hassle as too many protest charges will hurt my standing with PayPal and with banks - something I really don't want to have happen. I have a verified PayPal Business account which allows you to pay via your PayPal or by using your major credit card. Ultimately, you, the credit card holder, can have any charge reversed with a simple letter to your credit card company, and the merchant either has to prove why it's NOT justified, or issue a refund within 48 hours.

3) Your credit card information is secure with us, as we use 128-bit encryption on our order forms. Furthermore, your order is handled by PayPal, a leader in encryption technology with a proven reputation for security and safety online. They have millions of customers around the world. I've used them now for some time and trust them. In fact, I've never had a problem when dealing with PayPal.

How can I get into contact with you if I have a problem; I didn't see a phone number on your site?

Our sites have a "contact us" form which allows you to contact us directly.

Our contact information (including school phone number) is the following.

UNION Education
M. Botsari 66
Thessaloniki, Greece 54644

+30  2310 839026

The best way to reach us is via email at the 'contact us' page from our website.

Will Writing Proficiently really work for me?

Writing Proficently is a comprehensive solution for your essay needs. It contains everything that you will need to succeed. Furthermore, if you're not completely satisfied with it, you can simply email me and ask for a full refund of your purchase price, so there is absolutely no risk. I strongly encourage you to place your order today and see what you think of Writing Proficiently for yourself. Remember, you have thirty whole days to try it without risk.

I personally guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. I put my name and reputation behind every product we sell. If you're not satisfied... I'm not satisfied.

How long does it take to receive my product?

Your book is delivered instantly, via download to your computer, immediately after your payment is approved. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email.

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